Tinnitus Cure – Easy Ways to Cure Tinnitus Without Drugs

How do you stop tinnitus, the constant ringing in your ears? Well there are several ways. If the cause is a build up of ear wax or a common infection you should treat that first. You will then be on your way to hearing aid tinnitus relief. If your tinnitus is caused by something more serious like an injury or a rare disease, then you will need to get to the root of the problem and treat that first.

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Some people have trouble hearing, even years after being hurt. In those cases, how do you go about treating tinnitus? First, if it is temporary, you can ease the tinnitus with painkillers. But, they should only be used short periods of time, as they make you dependent on them. One ear might even go away for a while, and then the other takes over again.

The other way is to take vitamin B supplements, because deficiency of these particular vitamins has been linked to tinnitus. Vitamin B helps keep your blood vessels healthy and prevents arteriosclerosis. Vitamin B also helps to protect your ears from noise damage, so it can reduce or even eliminate your ringing. Finally, you can take vitamin C, but to take enough of these vitamins can cause your circulation problems to get worse, which will exacerbate your tinnitus. The best thing to do is to eat lots of citrus fruits, broccoli, oranges, lemons and tomatoes, and vitamin E.

High blood pressure and stress can make tinnitus worse. This is because both of them increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which puts excess strain on your blood vessels and muscles. If you work out, keep your heart rate low, and make sure you get plenty of sleep. Stress causes you to produce more adrenaline, which can irritate your inner ear and even increase the frequency of your tinnitus. You can cut down on your stress by learning relaxation techniques, taking up calming hobbies like yoga or meditation, exercising regularly and getting a lot of sleep.

How do you stop ear ringing with behavioral therapy? Behavioral therapy works by changing your mindset. Most people with tinnitus have irrational beliefs about sound, vibrations and tinnitus itself. A behavioral therapy program will teach you how to perceive sound, including external sounds, in a different way. By doing so, you’ll learn to reduce the constant ringing in your ears.

how do you stop tinnitus with vitamins and minerals? These vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy hearing and healthy nerves. They help to build your inner immune system and strengthen your hearing nerve. They can also help with tinnitus because they improve circulation and heal damaged ear drums and other tissues that may be causing your tinnitus. To get these vitamins and minerals, you need to eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and soy products. You should also take vitamin and mineral supplements recommended by your doctor or nutritionist.

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